The formal beginnings of St. Hubert Catholic School occurred during 1865 in the small German Catholic farming community of Chanhassen

1865 - Beginning of St. Hubert Parish, a log cabin served as the church & school

1872 - New church opened, also served as the parish school

1881 - Two story brick building served as a school & residence for Franciscan Sister
teachers from Milwaukee

1886 - Fire destroyed school and it was immediately rebuilt

1887 - New church was built (current historical church)

1894 - Wing was added to school / two classrooms on first floor and a hall on the
second floor

1895 - Sisters of St. Benedictine from St. Joseph, Minnesota arrived and served until 1996

1915 - Year of the Golden Jubilee for the parish and school, the school had 90 students

1955 - Decision was made to build a new school building

1957 - Doors open to the new school building (current site of Chapel Hill Academy)

1965 - Centennary Year for the parish and school, the school had 315 students

1974 - The original brick school building was torn down

1975 - New church was built (current site of Chapel Hill Academy)

1982 - First school computer is purchased (according to the school newspaper)

1983 - School program extended to include kindergarten, a house behind the school owned by the parish became a kindergarten house

1993 -  An additional kindergarten house was added

1994 - Shopping strip mall renovated and used as seven classrooms across the street from
St. Hubert church for 4th-8th grades and band

1996 - Construction of new school, church and offices. September 8, classes began at
8201 Main Street with an enrollment of 401 students (current school)

2003 - Addition built to accommodate more students with an enrollment of 645 students

2008 - Gym restoration completed

2009 - Little Saints Preschool opened

2009 - Playground renovation completed

2010 - Second technology lab built

2011 - SMART Boards installed in every classroom

2015 - School & Parish celebrate 150 years

2016 - Full Day Preschool offered

2017 - Toddler Preschool program offered